Sewer Line Repairs and Replacement

sewer repairsWhen your sewer line’s integrity is in question, everything hangs in the balance. Finding a professional plumber who is affordable, reliable, and who can effectively diagnose, repair and maintain your sewer lines is like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m not saying your husband or the neighbor next door doesn’t do a quality job with plumbing repairs, I’m just saying that sometimes plumbing needs – especially sewer line related – are sometimes best left to the professionals. So when you don’t have a regular plumber and you’re not sure where to start, who do you call? With listing after listing of sewer line repair and replacement companies, the choices can be overwhelming; however, because of my experience and their dependability, I’ve learned my first call is to Roto-Rooter.

There are several methods to repairing and replacing sewer lines, including traditional methods and what’s referred to as ‘trenchless’ methods. Traditional sewer line repair methods require an open cut or a trench to access the area of the sewer line that is in question. Large equipment, such as a backhoe, may be necessary to develop and refill the work area around the sewer line that has been damaged. With newer technology, the preferred method by many is the ‘trenchless’ repair, which causes less damage to the surrounding area with little to no impact on the environmental landscape.

Water pipes bursting and needing relining continues to be a frequent source of frustration for many of us; however, newer innovative methods now make relining a pipe or repairing or replacing a burst pipe easier than ever. Using a hydraulic pipe bursting machine, now a full sized replacement pipe can be pulled through the old pipe, replacing and breaking up the damaged pipe all in one setting. And relining a pipe is as easy as inflating a ‘bladder’ in the core of the pipe liner to adhere the new epoxy-and-resin-lined tube (lining) to the sides of the existing pipe.

With progressive technologies and plumbing equipment, sewer line replacements and repairs are handled much more efficiently and much more cost-effectively than in the past. Remember, however, that a well maintained sewer system is the most cost-effective and preventative method available to those of us who wish to avoid making the 2 am call to the plumber.

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