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In residential areas that utilize public sewer lines instead of septic tanks, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the “side sewer”. The side sewer is the line that runs between the household and the main line. Even with regular upkeep, these pipes can still become clogged and require professional attention. However, time between these service visits can be decreased with preventative measures.


Over time, side sewers can become clogged and back up, causing “back flow” of waste and water to the drains in your home. This is an unsanitary and unpleasant situation. Not to mention, it can cause foul odors. According to experts at RotoRooter, plant root growth into the pipe is the most common issue with customers’ sewer lines. Also ranking high in the list of routine culprits are broken and/or damaged lines. Although not seen as frequently in residential homes, excessive amounts of grease may lead to a blockage as well.


Sewer line cleaning requires professional attention. The expert team members at RotoRooter Plumbing and Drain Service are certified plumbers with an average of 14 years of field experience. Equipped with the latest in cutting edge technology and supplies, our expert technicians are prepared to diagnose and repair any home plumbing issue, including sewer line cleaning.

First, our plumbers use several techniques, which may even include the use of submersible video cameras, to identify the problem. Depending on the source of blockage, a mechanical device, such as a jetting or boring tool may be required. More frequently, however, various chemical treatments, such as Casoron and RootX, are used to eliminate the common issue of root growth.


Some chemical treatments for plant roots are available for purchase by consumers. However, practice caution when using these products, as they can kill the plant and be harmful to children and pets. Should a certain area/type of greenery become repeatedly offensive to keeping your lines clear, the best method is to just eliminate it altogether. It is important to know the location of your side sewer within your property and plan future landscaping accordingly. Also, homeowners should avoid dumping grease down the sink.

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