New Jersey High Velocity Water Jetting

Plumbing is more than clogged lines, slow draining pipes, spewing water or overflowing sinks. Nowadays, plumbing includes high velocity water jetting, video camera inspections and high resolution real time images of drainage pipes and sewer lines. With plumbing diagnosis equipment and repairs becoming more and more innovative, many consumers are left saying, “You’re doing what?” Take high velocity water jetting, for instance. It sounds like a complicated procedure and perhaps even like the new fandango water sport, but in reality it’s merely a high pressure water jetting used to clear blockages, debris, and buildup from drainage and sewer lines. Let’s look further…
High Pressure Water Jetting

Who Needs Water Jetting?

Buildup inside of drainage pipes and sewer lines is unavoidable. The question really becomes ‘when’ as opposed to ‘if’ it will happen. Buildup is caused by several things, including grease, soap, food, and much more. As the buildup continues to – well, build up – the passageway through the drainage pipe becomes smaller and smaller, reducing the ability of the pipe to ‘drain’ properly or at its highest efficiency. The common sense answer to ridding the pipe of buildup is to clean all of the thickened residue out – but with what? With a high velocity water jetting, of course. The high velocity water jetting will send a high pressure stream of water through the pipes with enough force behind it to break up the buildup and heavy residue. The residue is then flushed out through the drainage pipe to the other end and – voila! – your drainage pipes are clean.


Benefits of High Pressure Jetting

The benefits of high velocity water jetting are abundant. The thorough cleansing of all minor and main drainage lines will have existing lines running like new, as well as act as a preventative measure to ensure their integrity lasts for many more years to come. High velocity water jetting is also safe for all types of plumbing and is environmentally friendly, as there are not caustic elements or chemicals involved. The specialized equipment used for water jetting is compact enough to keep the plumber’s work area clean and organized, as well as eliminate the need to bring larger equipment into the home.

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Roto Rooter is one of the best known plumbing companies providing high velocity water jetting services. The next time you find your pipes draining a little too slowly or you’d like to take some maintenance measures in your home or business, I’d take a look into high velocity water jetting. With a question of ‘when’ instead of ‘if’, you might not want to wait for the evidence to act on a thorough cleansing.

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